Carbs in the City

There's something about the South that elevates my spirit. The further I travel below the Mason-Dixon Line, the more that clichéd warm and fuzzy feeling takes over. I'm instantly taken on a deep-fried euphoric ride. In the past, I've been accused of fetishizing the region but I shook that ridiculous notion off. Like the great Billy Paul said, we got a thing goin' on.

This past weekend, I hopped on 85 with two of my three best friends, cruising down to Charlotte, North Carolina for a girls' trip. Other than attending a show at the Fillmore put on by the Actavis activist himself, Future, our plans were pretty open-ended. Nothing was set in stone. No schedule was implemented. We'd simply enjoy each other's company in Queen City for four days.

Good food, however, is always on our to-do list when we visit different cities.

Because who doesn't love cost effective, itis-inducing comfort food? We're broads who brunch biweekly and if there are carbs and mimosas to be had, best believe it's on our radar. 

Our first stop was Another Broken Egg Cafe. The intimate spot in South Park caught our attention with its cozy vibe and specialty in seafood. I mean, seriously: this place is a pescatarian paradise! After finishing our meal here, we headed straight back to our quaint AirBnB for a post-gorge nap. It was that real.

A Bite of AdviceThe Crab Cake Cavallo with a side of creamy Country Grits. Thank me later.

A day later, my girls and I ventured into the trendy NoDa (North Davidson) neighborhood for some Cajun cuisine courtesy of Boudreaux's. Talk about Southern charm at its pure, rawest state. We frequented the spot a couple of years ago and loved it so much, it's unofficially become a staple whenever we're in the city.  The delicious specialty drinks and ample portioned plates are sure to make anyone a fan. It's love at first bite.

A Bite of Advice: The Crawfish and Spinach Dip. If loving it is wrong, I never want to be right.

A week and possibly ten pounds later, I'm still having dreams about the carbicide I committed.

Bee Pollard